I don’t Speak English

If you do not speak English, you can still access RIAC over the phone. RIAC has access to a free interpreting service through an organisation called TIS National. This service is private and confidential.

How to call RIAC with an interpreter: 

  1. Call TIS National on 131 450*
  2. Tell the operator which language you need and that you would like to talk to RIAC on 03 5222 5499
  3. Wait on hold while the operator connects you to an interpreter speaking your language.
  4. Wait while the operator transfers you and the interpreter to RIAC
  5. Speak to RIAC in your language. Here is how it will work:
  • You speak to the Intake Officer in your language.
  • The interpreter will tell them what you have said, in English.
  • The Intake Officer will respond in English.
  • The interpreter will tell you what the Intake Officer said, in your language.

The interpreter will stay on the phone with you for the whole call. This might sound like it will take a long time but RIAC and the interpreter are happy to spend the time to talk to you.

*Local call charges apply. Additional charges apply for mobile calls.

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