A bequest is when a donation is left in a will, leaving behind an inspirational legacy.  Bequests enable us to not just build the capacity and wellbeing of individuals, families, carers and communities today, but for many more years to come.

We are extremely grateful for all those who have left bequests to us, of which we will always honour the wishes of and use in accordance to the wording in their wills.

If you would like to leave a bequest to us and feel comfortable sharing this, then we’d love to hear from you.  Not only so we can thank you in person, but also so we can ensure we keep you (and your loved ones) updated on the areas in which you’d like your bequest to support.

Recommended Bequest Clause Wording

I give to Rights Information and Advocacy Centre (ACN ) __________ percent of my estate the residue of my estate

OR  __________ percent of the residue of my estate

OR the sum of $_________

OR (specified items)

free of all duties and testamentary expenses to be used for its general purposes and the receipt of an authorised officer of the Rights Information and Advocacy Centre will be sufficient discharge to my Executor/Trustee.

[the following wording is optional]

and I request, without creating a binding trust, that this bequest be applied to ___________________ (where the bequest is to be used).

Please note: This wording is a guide only and as such, is subject to your solicitor’s professional legal advice in relation to your circumstances and in the preparation of your will.

Information for solicitors
If your client has made the decision to include us in their will, please review our recommended bequest clause wording (above).

Information for Executors
If you’re the executor of a will that includes a bequest to us, please send a short letter and photocopy of the will to Leah:

Karryn Goode
Chief Executive Officer
Rights Information & Advocacy Centre Inc.
PO Box 1763
Shepparton VIC 3630

Our company registration details are:
Rights Information & Advocacy Centre Inc.
ABN: 42 401 261 070
PO Box 1763
Shepparton VIC 3630

We are:
Incorporated as a Public Company limited by guarantee under the Corporations Act (2001)
Endorsed as an income tax exempt charitable entity
Endorsed as a deductible gift recipient
Endorsed for GST concessions
Confirmation of these endorsements can be found at

If your loved one also requested for a donation to be made to us in lieu of flowers being sent to their funeral or memorial service, please contact our Shepparton Office and request for in-memoriam donation envelopes.

Alternatively, if you have any other queries in regards to the bequest left to us in your loved ones will, please contact us, as we would love to hear from you.

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