RIAC advocates for fairer Immigration Policies

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Rights Information and Advocacy Centre (RIAC) is proud to announce its involvement in the Welcoming Disability Campaign, joining a coalition of over 70 organisations in a united effort to reform Australia’s immigration policies for people with disabilities and health conditions.

Launched in 2020 by Australian Lawyers for Human Rights (ALHR) and Down Syndrome Australia (DSA), the Welcoming Disability Campaign aims to eradicate discrimination from Australia’s migration health laws and policies. RIAC’s commitment to this campaign reflects its ongoing mission to advocate for the rights and fair treatment of people with disabilities.

CEO of RIAC, Dr Sandy Ross said at RIAC, “We believe in a society where inclusivity is the norm, not the exception”.

“Our involvement in the Welcoming Disability Campaign a is part of our resolve to ensure that Australia’s immigration policies are not just compliant with the law but are also imbued with empathy and respect for individual dignity.

“We strive for a future where disabilities are not barriers to opportunity, but rather acknowledged as aspects of the diverse tapestry that strengthens our community,” he said.

The campaign focuses on key reforms such as:

  • The removal of discriminatory exemptions in the Migration Act.
  • Increasing the Significant Cost Threshold (SCT) in line with international standards.
  • Reforming the Migration Health Requirement (MHR) to recognise special education as a valuable community investment.

Through its advocacy, RIAC seeks to influence meaningful policy changes that will positively impact individuals and families affected by current immigration health policies. These efforts align with RIAC’s broader goal of a society where disability is not a deterrent to equality.

About RIAC

The Rights, Information, and Advocacy Centre (RIAC) is a non-profit organisation that works tirelessly to build the capacity and wellbeing of individuals, families, carers and communities through advocacy and support services across 22 Local Government Areas throughout regional Victoria and southern New South Wales. With offices in Geelong, Bendigo, Shepparton, and Mildura, RIAC is dedicated to creating a society where everyone can fully participate and enjoy a quality life.



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