Tammy’s Experience with RIAC

by | 24 Aug, 2023 | News, RIAC

In this article, we talk to one of our clients, Tammy, about her experience working with RIAC during her NDIS Appeals matter. Tammy shares how she felt supported and heard throughout the process and appreciated the dedication and thoroughness of her advocate. 

Here’s what she had to say.

Overall, how have you found the process of working with an Advocate?
Great. It was a lot of support.

What did you like most about working with us?
If I have a problem, RIAC will stick with me until the end to see it through. I didn’t feel alone, which is the worst thing to feel if you have to go through this process. Having an advocate ensured we did a thorough job and spent time getting good evidence.

What skills do you think you have gained whilst working with RIAC?
I have a little more understanding of NDIS processes and knowledge on how they work. Having support from an advocate made me feel more confident to challenge the NDIS

What advice would you give to other people who find themselves in a similar situation as yours with NDIS Appeals matter?

  • Go to an advocate for help and support.
  • Stand up for yourself.
  • Don’t let their decision, be the only decision!!

 Do you have any further comments to add?

Fight for your rights and keep fighting for what you need!

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