RIAC empowers carers at Red Cliffs Carers Expo

by | 25 Aug, 2023 | News, RIAC

RIAC was proud to attend the Red Cliffs Carers Expo, hosted by The Red Cliffs Community Resource Centre on Friday, July 14 2023. This event aimed to connect carers with valuable resources, support, and various opportunities. Our primary focus was to provide carers with essential information about our services, specifically on advocacy and access to services. We were dedicated to ensuring that carers had the knowledge and support to navigate their caregiving roles effectively.

The event garnered a fantastic turnout, and attendees enjoyed a delicious lunch provided by the organisers. We were delighted to see many attendees express interest in our inform hub flyers. These informative resources are especially valuable for individuals facing challenges with online portals and complex forms. By offering assistance and guidance, we aim to alleviate the burden of navigating these systems for carers and those they support.

We thank The Red Cliffs Community Resource Centre for hosting such a successful event. The Red Cliffs Carers Expo has undoubtedly made a significant impact by bringing together carers and providing them with the support and resources they deserve.

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