First People’s Advocacy Program

by | 24 Aug, 2023 | News, RIAC

In February of this year, the First Nations Program in Shepparton was launched with the support of MusoMagic, a company founded by Chocolate Starfish Front Man Adam Thompson. The program brought together 15 First Nations students from Verney Road School and 7 First Nations students from schools across the Goulburn Valley to form the supergroup “Culture Strong.”

The 7 students from other schools were mentors to the Verney Road students. Despite initial nerves, the mentors emerged from the experience with greater confidence and stronger friendships. Over two days, the group collaborated to write the lyrics and shoot the music video for their song “Stand Up for Who We Are.” The song was released on Friday, February 17th, at Verney Road School with family and community supporters.

All 22 students contributed to writing the song, and each got the chance to record their voice, ensuring that everyone had a part in the final product. RIAC provided the theme of best futures and standing up for your rights, while the students crafted the rest and did an exceptional job.

The complete song and music video have been uploaded to the MusoMagic Youtube channel and can be accessed here

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